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Low Carb Cereals: Choosing cereals for a ketogenic diet plan

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Ketogenic Diet Menu Cereals

The ketogenic diet is recommended for people who want to lose weight fast. The diet focuses on keeping a low carbohydrate content in the body, while maintaining adequate proteins and high fats. Cereals are considered to be an ideal breakfast however, some cereals possess higher carb value which may not be ideal if you want to shed some weight.

To ensure a ketogenic diet, you must check the ingredients on the packets or boxes of cereals.

  • Lower sugar value¬†- Since ketogenic diet plans are against the consumption of sugar so always check the quantity of sugar on the packet of cereals. Always go for cereals having artificial sugar or sugar substitutes.
  • Higher nuts value¬†- Ketogenic diet plan recommends the use of nuts as well as seeds as they are supposed to decrease the glycemic index.
  • Lower amount of grains – Grains are well packed with carbs thus, you should always choose cereals having lower amount of grains.

You can also choose low carb snacks but make sure that they are free of sugar. Also any beverage that you choose should be free of sugar. Do check with your dietician if this plan is suitable for you.

For more recipes and tips, I highly recommend checking out this recipe book. It gives you all the essential recipes for starting a ketogenic diet menu!

Choosing Low Carb Cookies


It is a common thing to see people looking for ways of losing some excess fats in their bodies while others look for ways of maintaining their body shapes. One suggestion that you will easily get online is adopting the ketogenic diet which is a low carb diet that has high fat content and adequate proteins. There are people who like snacks and they can still enjoy these even on a low carb diet by going for low carb cookies.

Under normal circumstances, the human body uses carbohydrates in food to fuel body activities but this is first converted into glucose. By replacing the cookies that you consume with some that contain low carbohydrates, the body will be forced to look for an alternative source of energy and this will see the liver convert fat into ketone bodies and fatty acids. Ketogenic menu has high fat content therefore this should not be a problem.

The following are ways of ensuring that you get low carb calories:

The first thing that you should be cautious with when searching for cookies with low carbohydrates is sugar content. There are some manufacturers who add sugar to their cookies to act as sweetener and it is advisable to stay away from these. Instead, choose those that contain sugar substitutes whether natural or artificial. You can tell the sugar content of cookies by checking their labels.

The other option of getting low carb cookies to supplement ketogenic diet is to prepare some yourself and you can easily get some recipes on these online. Some of the cookies that you can prepare following the recipes you get include the cranberry walnut cookies, miracle brownies, almond spice cookies, chocolate coconut cookies and sugar- free haystacks among others.

There are also some cookie mixes that have low carbohydrates content and you can also go for these if you are on a low carb diet. Some good examples of these are the low carb peanut butter cookies and the low carb chocolate chip cookies mix. As a simple tip, most cookies that contain peanut butter usually consist very low carbohydrates.

Although Ketogenic diet menu does not necessarily mention the type of cookies to include, you can still enjoy these by sparing some time to shop for low carb cookies. Considering all the details mentioned above will greatly help you in making the right choice in a short period of time. When preparing your own cookies, always ensure that you get your recipes from legitimate websites.

How to Easily Find Low Carb Cereal


People are often turning to low carb meals for health reasons or to cut weight among other reasons. By carrying out a quick search for low carb meal ideas, you will come up with a huge list of them where one is adopting the ketogenic diet plan. This is a high fat, low carbohydrates diet plan and following it will ensure that your body derives energy by burning fats rather than converting carbohydrates to glucose.

Most cereals naturally contain high carbohydrates and it will really require your attention to find low carb cereals. The easiest way to identify whether any pack of cereals that you are planning to purchase contains high carbohydrates is to check the included ingredients in the label. However, some labels will not directly indicate this but the following tips can help you to easily find low carb cereal:

Nuts and seeds

To measure the effect of certain foods on blood sugar levels, nutritionists use a scale referred to as the glycemic index. The ketogenic diet plan advices on consuming nuts and seeds as these are known to help in lowering the glycemic index and you should therefore include cereals that contain these in your low carb meals.

Low amounts of grains

Grains are known to contain high levels of carbohydrates and one way of finding a pack of low carb cereal is to go for one that contains low amounts of grains. You should therefore stay away from some cereals that contain huge percentages of rice, oats, wheat and puffed corn among other grains. Instead, choose those that contain dried fruits, nuts and seeds which you can tell from the labels.

Avoid sugary cereals

There are some manufacturers that add sugar as sweetener to their cereal and you should by all means avoid these if you are on a ketogenic diet plan. If at all you need a pack of cereal with sweetener, you can choose those that have natural or artificial substitutes for sugar.

By following the mentioned tips, you will be in a position to easily find low carb cereal to include in your low carb diet. These are also some important tips if you are struggling with diabetes as you will be able to keep your sugar level low therefore controlling your condition with ease. When making your purchases, remember to do so from reputed stores as this is the best way to avoid counterfeits

Easy Low Carb Breakfast Ideas


There are people who prefer having meals that are low in carbohydrates either as a measure to shed some pounds or for other personal reasons. If you are new to the idea, you may find it challenging preparing a breakfast with low carbohydrates but you can have this very easy by applying some ketogenic low carb breakfast ideas. The easiest and most effective way of finding these is to carry a simple online research.

A ketogenic diet plan advocates for consumption of foods that are low in carbohydrates and high in fat content but with adequate proteins. The body therefore generates its energy by burning fat rather than converting carbohydrates to glucose and this helps in reducing the amount of fat that packs in the body. However, it is wise to take on ketogenic diet with the advice of a dietitian who will also give you guidance.

Some easy low carb breakfast ideas that you can go for include:

Low carb cereals

A huge number of people like including cereals in their breakfast but some usually experience troubles choosing those that are low in carbohydrates. The trick is to take time when shopping to read the ingredients contained in a given pack of cereals. Choose those that contain low carbohydrates, high fiber content plus high proteins and these will be pretty easy to find.

Low carb eggs

The ketogenic diet also advocates for inclusion of eggs as one of low carb breakfast ideas and it will only take you some few minutes to prepare these. You can decide to have a hardboiled egg sandwich, have some scrambled eggs, prepare frittata or even omelets. Consider serving egg dishes with bacons and fruits for a complete breakfast.

Breakfast breads

You should select breakfast breads, biscuits or even muffins that are made from low carb ingredients like almond meal and flax meal. You can also prepare your own breakfast breads following some low carb bread recipes that you can easily find online. There are stores where you can purchase low carb pancake mix and you can get some.

Low carb dairy products

Some of the dairy products that you can get include non fatty plain yogurt, cottage cheese and ricotta cheese among others. To make your breakfast tasty and more nutritious, you can consider adding some fruit smoothies to your low carb milk products.

By following the ketogenic diet plan, you will easily come up with low carb breakfast ideas that will take you only some minutes to implement. In case of any recipes, ensure that you get them from highly rated sources.